About Me and This Blog

The Sauk Centre Journal started as a few updates on Brendans's Island, my first website: released upon an unsuspecting world on June 4, 1997.

I noticed that the updates were getting much more traffic than other parts of the website, so in November of 2001 I started calling the updates a "journal," and didn't do much more about it until January of 2002.

Somewhere along the line I started posting twice a week: late in the evening each Wednesday and Sunday. Circumstances permitting, of course.

Not the News

With exceptions, what's in the Sauk Centre Journal isn't "news." Not the sort of thing you'll find in the Sauk Centre Herald, this town's weekly newspaper. Sometimes I'll mention what I see in the paper, or anticipate what'll show up in the Tuesday edition.

For the most part, though, I figure that we've got a newspaper that provides news. What do is present what I've noticed going on around town. Sometimes that's snow on the ground, or holiday decorations, or a sunset.

Sometimes it's a new business in town. Or one that's moved. That's sort of news, I suppose.

Someone called me the 'town historian.' That's not far from the mark. What I'm trying to do is present what it's like to live here in Sauk Centre. From my point of view.

I'll admit to a bias. I love it here.

Enough About This Journal: Let's Talk About Me

I was born during the Truman administration: that's what it says on a birth certificate, and that's the story I'm sticking with.

I grew up across the river from Fargo, North Dakota. I've lived in Minnesota's Metro area; San Francisco; and Dunseith, North Dakota. There were 'up' sides to living in all those places. And I'm glad that I raised the family here.

About 'the family.' My wife and I married in the mid-eighties. We lost two children, and got to raise four. It's been a good quarter-century-plus.

I'm interested in three things. That which:
  • Exists within the universe
  • Exists beyond
  • Might exist