Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, 2010: Jack 'O Lanterns and a Butterfly

Sunday, October 31, 2010. I no longer have much of a cold. Instead, both ears are so plugged that I can barely hear. At least it's a change of pace.

One more thing: It's Halloween. Which meant trick-or-treaters coming to the door, and a little temporary redecorating of the entry.

The family got a little creative this year. That blond wig on the plastic Jack 'o lanterns is a new touch, I think. October 31, 2010.

Clear skies made for near-ideal conditions. The young trick-or-treaters and their folks started showing up around 6:00. At least, that's when I noticed them. October 31, 2010.

Some of the costumes were downright cute: like this butterfly. October 31, 2010.

One family had quite a variety of costumes for their kids: including a sort of horse - with four legs - for one of the little girls. Maybe it was a unicorn. I didn't get a very close look.

By nightfall, almost all of the younger kids have made their rounds, and returned home. October 31, 2010.

That last photo, with the glowing set: grinning pumpkins, a purple spider on the roof, and someone with a greenish complexion, is the work of our across-the-corner neighbors.

The O'Reilly Auto Parts store looks like it's just about ready to open: but I mentioned that on Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October's Dim Gray Weather

Wednesday, October 27, 2010. October's bright blue weather turned gray
this week.

Sinclair Lewis Park, by the public landing. It's mid-afternoon: one of those shadowless days. October 25, 2010.

Same place, pretty near the same time: turns out there are shadows, if you look closely. October 25, 2010.

The O'Reily Auto Parts store has their name on the front now.

The new auto parts store: now with sign. October 25, 2010.

As for me, I've still got a cold. The same one. I suppose there's something to be said for consistency: but I'll be glad when it's done.

I just about forgot about yesterday's wind. Quite a few folks here in central Minnesota lost power for a while. And St. Cloud set a new record for rainfall in a single day. I wrote about that, with some photos, in my personal blog. ("Wintry Weather and a Balky Furnace," Through One Dad's Eye (October 27, 2010))

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chamber of Commerce, Museum, School, and Decisions

Sunday, October 24, 2010. Another week, and it's Halloween. Then the midterm elections. I'm looking forward to the trick-or-treaters. At the rate things are going, I may be done with this cold (or whatever it is) by then. Or, maybe not.

There's good news, maybe, at the top of this week's Sauk Centre Herald front page. The article calls it a "former school building:" I still think of it as the IBAA building, but that's years ago. It's empty now. (September 1, 2010)

Looks like one of the options for what to do with the place is to have the Chamber of Commerce and the Sinclair Lewis' Interpretive Center move in there. Sounds reasonable to me: it's a decent location for the Interpretive Center and the Chamber, it seems, and has enough floor space for the museum.

Seems simple enough, from my point of view - particularly since I have nothing to do with ownership and working out financial arrangements. Besides having enough room inside, the old IBAA building has a good-size parking lot in back.

This weekend I'm in the position of the fellow who said, 'all I know is what I read in the paper.' The Herald had a good write-up of Gianna Jessen and the 1,300 or so folks she spoke to Wednesday before last. Also how the Miller family deals with Celiac Disease - from my own family's experience, I know it's interesting, trying to find gluten-free food.

I'd probably feel better if I hadn't grilled burgers in the rain today. That wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done - but I like grilling.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Construction Work, Wind, and O'Reily Auto Parts

Wednesday, October 20, 2010. We're approaching that holiday marathon: Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years - followed by January and February, two months that could use a holiday to break the mid-winter routines. Maybe it's just as well that we've got a couple months to recover in, though.

Monday evening: It looked like a cover was being drawn across the sky. October 18, 2010.

I'm still negotiating with a cold. I want it out of my body, it isn't ready to move.

Sunset, seen from the Coborns parking lot. October 19, 2010.

A weather report on the radio today called this a 'breezy' day. With gusts to around 40 miles an hour. That's a noticeable "breeze."

"Breeze" south of the McDonalds in Sauk Centre. October 20, 2010.

A tip of the hat to sabrinabeans, who said that the new place at South 12th and Fairlane Drive would most likely be an O'Reilly Auto Parts store. (September 26, 2010) They've got a sign up now, letting folks know what's coming. And it looks like they may be hiring.

The corner of South 12th and Fairlane Drive: O'Reilly Auto Parts. "Coming Soon," that is. October 20, 2010.

There's road work - or maybe bridge work - being done where County Road 186 goes over Interstate 94, southeast of town. I didn't get close enough to see which. Or, rather, it was hard to tell from underneath: I noticed activity there while driving back from Melrose on the Interstate.

Upgrade at the sewage treatment plant? October 20, 2010.

Something's happening at the sewage treatment plant, too. That's probably the
upgrade they were discussing at City Hall last October. (It's mentioned on pages 42 and 43 of the PDF file.) As my father used to say, "things take time."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October's Bright Blue Weather, a Fire and Fall Photos

Sunday, October 15, 2010. I'm still looking forward to a clear head, and added a clear throat to the list. Still, it could be worse.

October's bright blue weather turned dull gray today. I'd probably see it a pearly skies without this cold. But enough about me.

Sinclair Lewis Avenue, looking east from Holy Family School. October 12, 2010.

A fire at Centre Square Apartments, a week ago Friday, was top-of-the-front page news in this week's Sauk Centre Herald. That fire was one of four calls the Sauk Centre Fire Department responded to that day. Bad news: folks living there had to get out and stay out. Good news: they could go back in around 1 a.m.: and there's more in the paper.

As a rule, I don't mind publicity. On the other hand, the Sauk Centre Herald's online edition reports that a fellow was caught running naked down Main Street, around where it crosses the Interstate. To top it off, he got belligerent with the police. That's not a reason I'd like to have, for getting my name in the news.

A sign of autumn in Sauk Centre: the Elgin Crosswind street sweeper. October 14, 2010.

On a happier note, I've been hearing the roar of Sauk Centre's street sweeper going past. I took that photo next to my Small Town America:
webcam. Now that I've got that shameless plug out of the way, I'm
out of material. For now. I'll be back Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a Beautiful Day For a Cold

Wednesday, October 13, 2010. October's "bright blue weather" is still around, and the temperature is down to what we're used to this time of year. I heard that the Metro had a record high temperature a few days ago.

Whatever's being built down at the corner of Fairlane Drive and South 12th doesn't look all that different now, than it did a week ago. I suppose most of the progress is happening inside.

Here's what that construction at Fairland Drive and South 12th looked like last week. October 6, 2010.

And, here's what it looked like yesterday. October 12, 2010.

I was out yesterday, and noticed some work being done on the Central Minnesota Credit Union's sign. Around here, we have more trees than we do multistory signs: so it's natural that the outfit that's working on the sign is a tree service from Freeport.

Cutting Edge Tree Service: I like that name. October 12, 2010.

I picked up a cold somewhere along the line, complete with stuffed head, sore throat, and a wandering sense of balance. It's economical, in a way: I get most of the effects of inebriation, without the cost of a six-pack. I'm looking forward to a clear head.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Polka Mass!

Sunday, October 10, 2010. We had a polka Mass at Our Lady of the Angels church today. I enjoy those: particularly since we've been getting polka bands who aren't diffident about belting out the umpahs.

There's nothing that says "polka Mass" quite like having a tuba next to the piano. October 10, 2010.

We didn't quite have dancing in the aisles afterward. October 10, 2010.

This time it was Adam and the Jolly Jammers providing the music. They're a group based in St. Augusta, Minnesota. Pretty good, in my opinion: but I'll admit I'm no polka expert.

Other than that, October has been progressing, some trees are almost bare while others don't seem to have gotten the memo about autumn being here, and I've been a bit distracted.

My desk is next to the kitchen, you see: and there's been a lot of work going on there. Which has been a little distracting. I wrote about that on Friday, in my personal blog. The good news is that the job is moving along - and, I located the washer, dryer, and stove. (Saturday) Pretty soon they'll be back where they belong. I hope.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Colors, and Centre Floral: Which Also Sells Flowers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010. This can't last: the perfect temperatures, blue skies, mosquito-discouraging breezes. But it sure is nice while 'October's bright blue weather' is around. I've got yet more pictures of trees. Also something I found downtown.

Autumn - and other - colors. October 5, 2010.

This is why it's tricky, getting photos of Minnesota's autumn colors: the trees take turns, turning color. October 6, 2010.

More color on Sauk Centre's south side. October 6, 2010.

One of my favorite streets, this time of year. October 6, 2010.

I'd noticed the "Sweet Stop Candies" sign in the window of Centre Floral's south storefront a week or so ago. Today I went in to see what they had.

"Sweet Stop Candy Shop:" big sign, big display. October 6, 2010.

I'm told there was more candy during the summer - and will be when they re-stock. October 6, 2010.

This is still Centre Floral - and yes, they've got flowers, too. October 6, 2010.

Lamps, accessories, and a lot of stuff. Also flowers. October 6, 2010.

I'd been in Centre Floral before, so I knew they occupied two storefronts downtown. They've got quite a selection of stuff: parts of the store looked like a home furnishings place - there's that store-in-the-store with (mostly novelty) candy - and yes, about halfway back they've got fresh flowers.

Yes, Centre Floral has flowers, too. October 6, 2010.

They have a good-size selection of Halloween-related stuff. There's better word than "stuff:" "decorations," maybe?

I got a bit carried away with the camera in the store.

Looking past the flowers and novelty candy, into Centre Floral's south storefront. October 6, 2010.

"Spooky," "Wicked?" I know we've got 'truth in packaging' rules now, but - - - Oh, right. Halloween. And yes: this is Centre F., too. October 6, 2010.

Not a bad idea: that display packs a whole lot of wall into a small area. October 6, 2010.

Clocks?!. October 6, 2010.

Centre Floral's got display rooms upstairs, too: but I'm calling it quits for the day.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

'October's Bright Blue Weather' - Sometimes

Sunday, October 3, 2010. October's been living up to its reputation for beautiful clear blue days so far. For the most part.

I took some photos of the Chamber of Commerce / Sinclair Lewis Interpretive Center site from some different angles this week. Partly because the area looked good and was displaying some autumn color: partly to get some "before" photos. It looks like there'll be commercial development there in - a few years, probably.

Mowed yard between the Chamber of Commerce/Sinclair Lewis Interpretive Center and Interstate 94. September 24, 2010.

Pretty much the same scene, just more of it. September 27, 2010.

The Interpretive Center, from the southwest. September 27, 2010.

Finally, the C. of C. & Sinclair Lewis Interpretive Center's parking lot. September 27, 2010.

The trees in Sauk Centre - and central Minnesota generally - seem to be individualists. Those photos you see of New England autumn landscapes, where square miles of hills are covered with brightly-colored trees? Around here, I've seen trees with bare leaves, full autumn color, and green leaves - on the same tree at the same time.

The northwest corner of the Stearns County Fairgrounds, near Lake Wobegon Trail. The nearby trees: it's summer there. The more distant ones? There, it's autumn. September 27, 2010.

Here's another look at those 'autumn' trees. This set, on South Ash by the Lake Wobegon Trail, put on a pretty good show most years. Including this one. September 27, 2010.

Here at the corner of South Ash and 9th, it's pretty definitely autumn. September 27, 2010.

I said that October had delivered it's signature "bright blue weather" - for the most part. Today was up to spec. Friday? Not so much.

"October's bright blue weather?!" The building at south 12th and Fairlane Drive is taking shape. October 1, 010.

That skeleton is hanging from the basketball hoop by a hangman's noose: right next to the cheerful pumpkins. And yes, there's something purple on the roof. An inflatable spider. October 3, 2010.

We're coming up on a sort of holiday marathon: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. I'm looking forward to seeing what the folks in town who make a point of dressing up their yards do this year.