Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Colors, and Centre Floral: Which Also Sells Flowers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010. This can't last: the perfect temperatures, blue skies, mosquito-discouraging breezes. But it sure is nice while 'October's bright blue weather' is around. I've got yet more pictures of trees. Also something I found downtown.

Autumn - and other - colors. October 5, 2010.

This is why it's tricky, getting photos of Minnesota's autumn colors: the trees take turns, turning color. October 6, 2010.

More color on Sauk Centre's south side. October 6, 2010.

One of my favorite streets, this time of year. October 6, 2010.

I'd noticed the "Sweet Stop Candies" sign in the window of Centre Floral's south storefront a week or so ago. Today I went in to see what they had.

"Sweet Stop Candy Shop:" big sign, big display. October 6, 2010.

I'm told there was more candy during the summer - and will be when they re-stock. October 6, 2010.

This is still Centre Floral - and yes, they've got flowers, too. October 6, 2010.

Lamps, accessories, and a lot of stuff. Also flowers. October 6, 2010.

I'd been in Centre Floral before, so I knew they occupied two storefronts downtown. They've got quite a selection of stuff: parts of the store looked like a home furnishings place - there's that store-in-the-store with (mostly novelty) candy - and yes, about halfway back they've got fresh flowers.

Yes, Centre Floral has flowers, too. October 6, 2010.

They have a good-size selection of Halloween-related stuff. There's better word than "stuff:" "decorations," maybe?

I got a bit carried away with the camera in the store.

Looking past the flowers and novelty candy, into Centre Floral's south storefront. October 6, 2010.

"Spooky," "Wicked?" I know we've got 'truth in packaging' rules now, but - - - Oh, right. Halloween. And yes: this is Centre F., too. October 6, 2010.

Not a bad idea: that display packs a whole lot of wall into a small area. October 6, 2010.

Clocks?!. October 6, 2010.

Centre Floral's got display rooms upstairs, too: but I'm calling it quits for the day.

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