Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a Beautiful Day For a Cold

Wednesday, October 13, 2010. October's "bright blue weather" is still around, and the temperature is down to what we're used to this time of year. I heard that the Metro had a record high temperature a few days ago.

Whatever's being built down at the corner of Fairlane Drive and South 12th doesn't look all that different now, than it did a week ago. I suppose most of the progress is happening inside.

Here's what that construction at Fairland Drive and South 12th looked like last week. October 6, 2010.

And, here's what it looked like yesterday. October 12, 2010.

I was out yesterday, and noticed some work being done on the Central Minnesota Credit Union's sign. Around here, we have more trees than we do multistory signs: so it's natural that the outfit that's working on the sign is a tree service from Freeport.

Cutting Edge Tree Service: I like that name. October 12, 2010.

I picked up a cold somewhere along the line, complete with stuffed head, sore throat, and a wandering sense of balance. It's economical, in a way: I get most of the effects of inebriation, without the cost of a six-pack. I'm looking forward to a clear head.

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