Sunday, September 12, 2010

Faces of Autumn; Candy Downtown

Sunday, September 12, 2010. It felt like early autumn today: perfect temperature, just enough wind to discourage mosquitoes, not a cloud in the sky.

Friday's weather was like early autumn, too: another aspect of the season.

Gray sky, gray lake, someone out in a boat on Sauk Lake. September 10, 2010.

That's one thing I like about Minnesota: Our weather isn't boring.

There's something new on the west side of Main ("The Original Main Street" on the signs). I'm not sure if "Sweet Stop Candy Shop" is a separate business: That's something to find out this week.

Something new on Main: a candy shop. September 10, 2010.

Main Street Theatre's new secondary entrance: Now with digital sign. And yes, the car has its headlights on: about an hour after noon. September 10, 2010.

And school has started, so there's a torrent of teens and elementary students going past my house, weekday afternoons around 3:00. My 'eye on the street' webcam's live feed of that, and the less exciting hours of the day, are at Small Town America: Minnesota. Technical issues and the innate perversity of inanimate objects permitting, of course.

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