Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moonrise, Freezing Rain, and a Chinese Restaurant

Sunday, November 21, 2010. Friday's moonrise was a bit more showy than most, with a distinct halo around the moon.

Moonrise: There's a reason it looks so big. November 19, 2010.

There was a distinct ring toward the outside of the halo - that doesn't show in this photo. Oh, well. November 19, 2010.

There's been more going on than that.

I've heard that O'Reilly's Auto Parts was offered the old Fitness Guru building, but decided that they wanted to build their own store. That location at South 12th and Fairlane Drive is about as good as it gets in that part of town, so I can see their point.

We may be getting a new Chinese restaurant: run by an entirely different outfit than the folks who had Andy's Wok downtown. I'll be keeping an eye on the old Fitness Guru place - that's where I heard the new restaurant might be going.

Don't take these predictions of mine all that seriously: My information is of the 'some guy said he heard' variety.

(I've written about Sauk Centre's first Chinese restaurants a few times, over the years: June 22, 2008, May 16, 2008, April 4, 2008, June 24, 2007 for starters.)

Which brings me up to this morning. Last night's freezing rain had left somewhere between a sixteenth and and eighth of an inch of ice on #3 daughter's car. We usually take the van, but it's in for repairs. I wrote about that in my personal blog.

Freezing rain left a nice, even coat of ice on the windshield. November 21, 2010.

That was more than just 'frost' or a film of ice. The black thing is one of the windshield wipers. November 21, 2010.

Street crews have been out, sanding intersections, so getting to work tomorrow morning shouldn't be too challenging. Anyway, folks who have lived here for more than a year should be used to this sort of thing by now.

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