Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Spring is here!"

Sunday, March 27, 2011. Oops. I didn't make an entry last week. Sorry about that! I plan to remember that flu shot, next winter.

Wednesday was a fine day: provided you could stay inside. Wind blew the snow into artistically-sculpted drifts. The snow itself was warm and wet enough to be a tad resistant to anyone trying to shovel it, though. Still, it looked nice.

Ah, to be in Minnesota in the spring. March 23, 2011.

It may have been there for some time, but I noticed a ding in the First State Bank's doorway trim on Friday. How it got there is a good question. Someone going too fast, coming in to park, maybe?

Ding in the First State Bank doorway trim. March 25, 2011.

My wife and #3 daughter got inspired on Friday, and celebrated spring with a snowman trio. One of which is in a lawn chair.

"Spring is here!" That's the spirit! March 25, 2011.

You may find a photo of that in Tuesday's Sauk Centre Herald. We'll see how that goes.
More photos.

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