Sunday, September 4, 2011

(Unofficial) Last Day of Summer, Theft from Church

Sunday, September 4, 2011. This is going to a short entry. I've had a big week: but not much of it had to do with Sauk Centre.

We're in the middle of Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end of summer. It's been one of those nearly-perfect days: not particularly hot, and clearish skies. Except when it rained.

Our Lady of Angels, Labor Day Sunday. September 4, 2011.

There was something missing this morning at Our Lady of Angels church. Someone stole the Gospel Book, and the votive candle money. The loose-change-plus-bills in the candle boxes doesn't hurt all that much. The Gospel Book? I'll miss that. (More, in "Loving Our Neighbors: Even the One Who Stole the Gospel Book," A Catholic Citizen in America (September 4, 2011))

Now we have to start locking the church when it's not in use. This is the second time something's been stolen. Disappointing.

The good news is that nobody got hurt.

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