Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fresh Paint on the Water Towewr

Sunday, May 19, 2013. The grass is green, the day was damp, and the tornado watch fizzled. I'm not at all disappointed about that last item: and hope that 'no news is good news.'

On the other hand, I stayed up Friday night - Saturday morning, actually - to see if the something besides half-dollar-size hail was in a line of storms.

By the time it reached Sauk Centre, the line had split. The first wave came with a satisfactorily house-shaking front edge, both had hail, but nothing out of the ordinary. Again, I wasn't disappointed. A little more about that, in my personal blog:
Looks like Sauk Centre's water tower is getting a new coat of paint. I don't know if they'll replace the most recent artwork, use a simple coat of white paint, or - hey, this would makes us stand out: decorate it with red and white stripes, like a candy stick.

The curtain's up for a while on Sauk Centre's water tower. May 19, 2013.

The water tower, in one of the afternoon's handful of sunny moments. May 19, 2013.

Gas prices. Enough said. May 19, 2013.

On a more serious note: Gas prices were, ah, not particularly low this week. I'm sincerely glad that most of my 'traveling' can be done on the Internet.

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