Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heat Advisory, Fun Factory, and Fairs

Sunday, August 25, 2013. There's a heat advisory on for quite a bit of Minnesota. When I noticed it on Friday, Stearns county was on the north edge of the advisory area. The edge has moved northwards since then:

"Heat Advisory"
Statement as of 11:22 AM CDT on August 25, 2013

Minnesota counties involved in the heat advisory, Sunday morning. August 25, 2013.

I've been to the Minnesota State Fair a few times, but this year I'm glad I stayed home:
Dozens Treated For Heat Illness At Minn. State Fair
Stephen Tellier, (August 25, 2013)

"...Regions Hospital officials said there were a few dozen cases of heat-related illness at the fair on Saturday, and at least six people were transported to the hospital as a result...."
The article says that folks who got dizzy, felt faint, or otherwise needed medical attention had something in common. They hadn't brought water, or didn't get around to staying hydrated. I hope the hospitalized folks are okay.

It's about 90° F as I'm writing this, 5:00 p.m. - which isn't all that warm. The problem this week was that the nights weren't particularly cool. It was 64° at 7:00 Monday morning, and 49° at Friday morning, but we didn't have much of a chance to cool of the other nights.

Enough about the weather. The Fun Factory and the 'tractor' part of a semitrailer are all that's left of the portable portions of Stearns County Fair.

Leftover from the Stearns County Fair. August 25, 2013.

I've spent the week inside, staying cool, so the only other photo this week shows sun baked grass and some trees.

Blue sky, a few trees, and tan grass. Those buildings are on Main Street. August 25, 2013.

The heat advisory ends midnight, Tuesday. Not that it'll be particularly cool after that.

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