Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mostly Photos, and a Bank Clock That's Not There

Sunday, May 22, 2011. I'm mostly doing 'catch up' today, with some photos that could have gone with earlier entries - but didn't.

Most yard sale items go for a whole lot less than this. May 15, 2011.

Blue sky. Sunshine. Lilac flower that aren't quite out yet. May 15, 2011.

Just before the last season's last high school band concert. May 16, 2011.

These are the 'band concert' photos I mentioned last week. The auditorium wasn't 'standing room only,' but there weren't many empty seats, either.

Sauk Centre High school band concert. May 16, 2011.

Photos of a band concert miss something important, of course: the music. May 16, 2011.

My #1 daughter and I went to the afternoon showing of Thor at Mainstreet Theatre today. Good movie, by the way: in my opinion. Crossing the corner of Sinclair Lewis Avenue and Main, I noticed that the First National Bank clock looked odd.

First National Bank clock: or, rather, where the clock has been. May 22, 2011.

Taking a closer look, I noticed - there was no clock in the bank sign. No wonder it looked different. Why the clock isn't there, I don't know. As I said last month, I gotta get out more.


  1. Might want to look at the amount of space between the photo and it's related caption: "Just before the last season's last high school band concert. May 16, 2011."

    The Friendly Neighborhood Proofreader

  2. Brigid,

    Right you are. Found it, fixed it: and found more oddities in the code. Also fixed. Thanks!


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