Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012!

Sunday, January 1, 2012. Happy New Year! We finally got snow, on Friday. This weekend, we got wind to go with it. Now it's starting to feel like winter.

Snow: not all that much, but enough to make a believable winter scene. And require shoveling. December 30, 2011.

This may be the last of this season's Christmas photos. Or maybe I'll find more to show.

These folks decided to use their front steps as a stage for a manger scene. I like the effect: and they apparently don't mind having to use another door. December 22, 2011.

'Cool' lights on Sauk Centre's east side. December 22, 2011.

Our Lady of Angels church and rectory. December 31, 2011.

Tomorrow's the start of another work-week, today's the start of another year, and I don't have much else to say: profound or otherwise.


  1. Is there supposed to be a line break here? "another year,
    and I don't have"

    The Friendly Neighborhood Proofreader


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