Friday, June 29, 2012

KSAX: No More Broadcasts

Well, that's interesting:
"UPDATE: KSAX discontinues broadcasts"
Echo Press, Alexandria, Minnesota (June 29, 2012)

"For many viewers, it’s like losing a long-time friend.

"KSAX-TV, which has provided news programming in the Alexandria area for 25 years, announced Tuesday that it was substantially reducing its operations, effective immediately.

"The local news cut-ins that the station did during Twin Cities-based KSTP-TV nightly newscasts are gone, along with local weather forecasts and locally produced commercials.

"The cutback leaves 17 people without a job. Those employees will receive severance pay and benefits, according to the station’s owner, Hubbard Broadcasting. In addition, KSAX will work with local and state government agencies to help employees with outplacement assistance.

"KSAX's website is also gone. Online viewers are being redirected to the KSTP-TV site...."
My main focus for this blog is Sauk Centre, about 20 miles closer to Minneapolis-St. Paul than Alexandria, Minnesota. Sometimes, though, what happens in the 'big town' down the road shows up here.

In this case, we'll be missing KSAX television here, too: it's part of 'local' cable services.

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