Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muted Autumn Colors, Polka Mass, and a Holdup

Sunday, October 21, 2012. I'm just about caught up on photos from September. That was a slightly hectic month for me, particularly the week I spent at the Spiral Light Candle factory in North Dakota.

The 'back room' at Spiral Light Candle's factory. September 11, 2012.

That photo shows a sort of 'back room in Spiral Light Candle's ( building. It doesn't have much to do with Sauk Centre, but I like the way it looks.

Sauk Centre's autumn colors weren't as bright as they might have been, but I'm not complaining. There's a charm to muted colors too.

One of those 'picture postcard' days on Ash Street. September 21, 2012.

Utility work on South 4th, east of downtown, seems to be proceeding. The street isn't repaved yet: or wasn't, earlier this week.

Sauk Centre has a new building on south Main, someone stole campaign signs on Ash Street, and Schaefer's Market got held up: at knifepoint. Like I've said before, I love it here, but life in small town America isn't perfect. About the holdup, Zachariah John Thompson got his name in the Sauk Centre Herald as the suspect. That's not the sort of publicity I'd want. Part of the good news about that robbery is that, as far as I know, nobody got hurt.

On a happier note, we had the annual polka Mass at Our Lady of the Angels this morning. I like it, but will admit that it's not everyone's favorite Mass. Dale Dahmen & The Polka Beats provided the music this year. I understand it's a father-son-son-son band.

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