Friday, October 16, 2009

That's No Store: That's a Three-Day Sale

Driving through downtown earlier this week, I saw signs in one of the storefronts on the east side of Main. Today, I dropped in to see what the new store was like.

Driving by, it looked like a new store was moving in, and attracting attention with a sale.

Odd sort of name for the place. "America's Mattresses." Sauk Centre doesn't have all that many national chain stores. But, what do I know?

Mattresses! Lots and lots of mattresses - and those crazy cartoon sheep.

Okay: That's downright cute.

A quick glance at a business card, and a few minutes chatting with the person behind the counter put me straight. Cullens, up in Alexandria, had rented the storefront for a few days this week. They'd bought a half-truckload (I think that was it) of Serta mattresses, and were selling them here in Sauk Centre.

I might have bought one myself, but ours are in good condition still - and mattresses aren't the sort of thing you generally pick up as an impulse purchase. Tomorrow's the last day they'll be there: so I'm glad I checked when I did.

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