Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sauk Centre Herald and Dr. Freese

Sunday, January 23, 2011. It's above zero this evening, which is practically tropical compared to the last few days.

Talking with someone at the Sauk Centre herald today, I learned that the Herald owns the Melrose Beacon now. A little more checking, and I found the article I'd missed:

"Sauk Centre partners purchase Beacon, Enterprise"
Dave Simpkins, Sauk Centre Herald (December 28, 2010)

Actually, it's Star Publications of Sauk Centre that bought the Stearns Morrison Enterprise and Melrose Beacon from American Community Newspapers II, ACN, of Plano, Texas. Star Publications of Sauk Centre is what happened, I gather, when the Sauk Centre Herald and Dairy Star merged: and Carol Moorman has gone from being the Herald feature editor to the editor of the Beacon. If you want more, you'll have to check out that article.

I don't want to seem too cocky, but Sauk Centre's doing okay when it comes to its local newspaper. Then there's Main Street Theatre, downtown. I think they're at a half-dozen screens now, with 3D projection equipment for at least one of them.

Not bad for a town of about 4,000.

Dr. Freese has a new diagnostic gadget at Eyes on Main now: a two-laser scanner that gave him a pretty good look inside my eyes - and records the images for future reference. It doesn't replace the older up-close inspection, but that visual record could be really good to have, in case I do develop some sort of eye issue later.

Apart from the industrial-strength prescriptions I use now to see past about 18 inches, that is.

There's more, but it's getting late and I've got a few chores to get finished.

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