Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sinclair Lewis Days Parade is Done; Next Comes the Stears County Fair

Sunday, July 27, 2014. It got into the mid-70s today, rained a bit, punctuated with sunshine. Or maybe it was sunny punctuated by rain. Either way, it's been a pleasant day: not exactly typical for July, but this is Minnesota. Our climate has personality.

Stearns County Fair is coming up, starting Wednesday. The Knights of Columbus Bingo booth will start up sooner than we have in past years. I'm not sure why: apparently the Fair board told us that we would, and we're complying.

I've got quite a few photos of the Sinclair Lewis Days parade left. It's one of my favorite annual events here.

Sinclair Lewis Days parade: Some units fit on a small flatbed trailer.... July 19, 2014.

... others don't July 19, 2014.

Flowers in someone's front yard, and a small park. July 25, 2014.

Friday was more July-like. That sign is new since I moved to Sauk Centre: but it's not exactly new. July 25, 2014.

Thanks to the new schedule, I've got a different shift at the K. of C. Bingo booth. Since I'm retired, that's not a problem: can't say that I miss being locked into a nine-to-five routine.

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