Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, the Day Before Thanksgiving Day, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009. Sure enough: the house next to the one that caught fire on south Birch Street in September is getting new siding. And, from the looks of it, fresh insulation.

Looks like repairs are getting done just in time for winter. November 23, 2009.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving Day. Which means that folks will be watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on television - or in person, if they're in New York City and don't mind the crowds.

Perhaps more importantly, families will be getting together. My oldest daughter showed up today. Looks like she'll be spending a long weekend here.

Autumn stuff, on sale. It's off the shelves now. November 5, 2009.

Things have changed in the quarter-century-plus that I've lived here. There's a Wal Mart superstore in town with piƱatas for those special occasions. November 5, 2009.

My son and I were in the local Wal-Mart this afternoon, returning one router and picking up a new one: sooner or later, we'll get the home Internet connections working better. I noticed that the Halloween-autumn-Thanksgiving displays were down. I didn't see any, at any rate. Swapping holiday-themed merchandise around must keep folks in stores busy this time of year.

Sure, that's not "the true meaning of Christmas:" but I like the bright colors and shiny ornaments, anyway. November 5, 2009.

More householders have been getting their Christmas displays up. There's a sort of unofficial tradition, getting decorations up right around Thanksgiving, then pulling them down around New

I don't remember this one from last year. I've dubbed him "Fuzzy the Snowman." November 23, 2009.

The Sauk Centre - street department, I think has been busy, getting the city's street decorations up - - -

Nothing's going to make a day like that cheery: but the festoons help. November 23, 2009.

That's outdoor lighting on, about 4:00 p.m. November 25, 2009.

- - - Including that safely generic "HAPPY HOLIDAY" sign over The Original Mainstreet. I've opined about that before.

"You are entering Happy Holiday? November 25, 2009.

Wherever you are, have a happy Thanksgiving Day. And, if that's not part of your national or cultural pattern, may your routine Thursday be a good one.

Me? I'm hoping to catch at least part of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade on television. And enjoy being with the family, of course.

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