Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Bed and Breakfast's Coming; Work on the Interstate; and a Visiting Bear

Wednesday, April 28, 2010. That median project on Interstate 94, between Sauk Centre and Albany (roughly) got started this week. (More in the Sauk Centre Journal Blog, April 18, 2010) It's like the old joke says. Minnesota has four seasons: fall, winter, spring and road work.

One of the first steps is setting out those barrels. This was a mile or three west of Melrose on I94, eastbound. April 26, 2010.

Aside from observing that we've been having (mostly) clear weather, most of what I know about what's happened in Sauk Centre during the last several days is 'what I read in the papers.'

Like the bear that police escorted out of town. That was April 20, 2010: a week ago yesterday. This week's Sauk Centre Herald said that the bear was spotted around Fairlane Drive: which isn't all that far from where I live.

The bruin crossed Main Street, and kept heading westward, more or less. The next location mentioned in the article was the corner of Center Street and the Beltline Road, where police picked up the bear's trail. The critter kept heading west, toward the Interstate.

Then there's Marc'ette Floral, on South 6th and Main. They got a "conditional use permit" that'll let Marc'ette Floral add a bed and breakfast to their operation. The floral and gift shop is in a big add-on to an old brick house: and my understanding is that the 'house' part hasn't been rebuilt all that much. I'm looking forward to seeing what M.F. does with their expansion.

Then there's the group that's going to hang flowers downtown, in baskets about 10 feet off the pavement. It's 'our tax dollars at work' for at least some of the materials - but it sounds like the labor is volunteers.

The price tag is about $1,650: or maybe a fraction of that. I figure that if the expense is spread evenly among Sauk Centre residents, my household's share of the costs will be about $1.65. I think we can handle that.

And like the Herald article said, it'll "spruce up" downtown Sauk Centre. Melrose has had flower pots set out along some of their streets for years. It's not exactly practical: but they look nice.


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