Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunshine, Fishing Season, Health Care, and Rummage Sales

Sunday, May 16, 2010. Fishing season has started - a few of Minnesota's many fishing seasons, actually. I wrote a little about that yesterday, in my Apathetic Lemming of the North blog - and linked to the MN DNR's list of this year's seasons

The head cold - or allergies - or whatever it was - that had me sleeping through most of Tuesday and 'way below par the rest of the week is gone. Maybe it was the weather. That long , drawn-out, dank, dreary drizzling rain ended - giving us a fine 'fishing opener.' Oh, right: I already mentioned that.

Another week, another Sauk Centre Herald. May 11, 2010.

This week, generally, it's like Will Rogers said: "I only know what I read in the newspaper." That headline story about our health system caught my eye. One example of the "integrated" health system was a suggested merger of St. Michael's Hospital, Lakeview Clinic, and St. Michael's Nursing Home.

They'd still be three facilities - but they'd be financed and run as one unit. Makes sense, the way it was put in the paper.

I learned that St. Mike's Hospital and Nursing Home are owned by the city, and the clinic is owned by the attending doctors.

Whatever happens won't be done for a while, it looks like. Just as well, I think: That gives folks time to think over the alternatives. I'm just glad I'm not in a final decision-making position for this. No matter what's done, someone's not going to like it.

All that time that the skies were leaking over Minnesota, it wasn't just the sunshine that I missed. When trees and people don't cast shadows, there's something missing from the scene.

Well, we got our shadows back in time for the weekend.

Rummage sale and - b>sunshine!. May 14, 2010.

Memorial Day is coming up, a sort of unofficial mark of the beginning of
summer. Another summer feature is already here: rummage sales.

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