Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stearns County Fair: First Full Day

I walked through part of the Stearns County Fair this afternoon, and took a few photos.

The midway hasn't opened yet, but a few folks are walking through.

Carousel, merry-go-round: whatever you call it, it's a sort of tradition. Also very colorful.

This is a little unusual: being able to see all the way down to the Gravitron.

Exhibit halls to the left, folks selling stuff to the right, and barns in the background. Next stop, the Conservation barn.

Okay, so it's next stop: Folks selling stuff to other folks, and a family with a stroller.

Mule deer in the Conservation barn. The sign says that they're called "mule" deer because of their mule-like ears.

This is a duck. Specifically, a shoveler, or spoon bill duck. If I was a better photographer, you might see that that it's got an oustized bill.

A redhead. Really: That's what they're called. Nothing wrong with the bird's eye, by the way: that's what they look like when they're closed.

And this is what they look like when some guy with a camera clicks his tongue.

Here's what the fair's about, partly: farm equipment.

And more folks selling stuff.

More of what the fair is about: livestock.

Which include poultry and rabbits.

Including this fuzzy specimen.

Farm equipment - the way it was. These were parked along the edge of the fairgrounds by Lake Wobegon Trail.

Farm equipment - the way it is.

Another street of folks selling stuff: quite a few of the vendors here provide food.

And lemonade.

You aren't imagining it: the sign says "UFF-DA TACOS."

The American Legion's beer garden: another tradition.

As I was headed back home, the midway was opening up.

Somebody putting on a show at the Sauk Centre Herald bandstand, folks listening, and a boy having fun with a stick.

The performer's name is Mike Turner. Pretty good singer.

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