Sunday, July 11, 2010

Storms, Fundraisers, and Why I Love Living Here

Sunday, July 11, 2010. Sauk Centre, at least the part of the south side where I live, didn't get much more than hail the size of shriveled peas on Saturday. Can't say that I'm disappointed in missing the more interesting weather.

I think that streak across the third brick to our left of the chair leg's base is a hailstone coming down. July 10, 2010, around noon.

Looking south along Ash Street, from near South 9th. Some of the more lively weather was happening behind that dark sky. July 10, 2010, near sunset.

I put more photos, plus some weather data and news from Saturday, in "Minnesota's Saturday Weather Wasn't Boring," on my Apathetic Lemming of the North blog.

The front page of this week's Sauk Centre Herald is an example of why I like living here so much. It's not all good news: like Chris Norgren's accident. On the other hand, that article told about a benefit for Mr. Norgren that was held - yesterday, I see.

The other 'above the fold' story is a feature about Dr. Keith Olson's years here. He came here in 1985, expecting to be the fifth doctor at Lakeview Medical Clinic and St. Michael’s Hospital. It didn't take long before he was there with one other doctor - I'll let you read the rest in the Herald.

Sauk Centre Herald front page. July 6, 2010.

Then, about 2/3 of the bottom half of the front page is about Stroll for Epilepsy, Marie and Gary Nelson, and their grandson Nolan Rock. Young Nolan's got epilepsy. Stroll for Epilepsy is a fundraiser. The article gives the address of their fundraising page: The walk is on August 12, so you've got time to sign up for a donation. No pressure, of course: that's just an idea.

Sauk Centre Herald front page. July 6, 2010.

The Herald's front page isn't like that every week: three articles, two about charitable fundraisers. But I think it's a pretty good reflection of the town. We've got our problems: but folks around here do seem willing to help each other.

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