Sunday, October 27, 2013

Golf Courses, Toppling Trees, and Chow Mein

Sunday, October 27, 2013. The Sauk Centre Country Club's changing hands. An article on WJON-AM's website says that a developer bought the Country Club property and plans to build homes along the 9-hole golf course, and a marina on Sauk Lake.

I drove by the Country Club Wednesday afternoon, to see what was happening.

Sauk Centre Country Club's southeast corner, Main Street and Country Club Road. October 23, 2013.

The Country Club's east side. October 23, 2013.

North side of Sauk Centre Country Club. Those trees have already been toppled. October 23, 2013.

A crew was pushing trees over on the west side of the golf course Wednesday afternoon. October 23, 2013.

Sauk Centre Country Club's clubhouse, and birdhouse. October 23, 2013.

Sauk Centre Country Club's current course layout, from the Sauk Centre Country Club's scorecard. Used w/o permission.

My guess is that the new owners looked at those trees, saw how old they are, and decided to push them over before one fell on someone. That makes sense, but I'll miss them.
aThat article says that the folks who owned Sauk Centre Country Club bought GreyStone Golf Course. Apparently folks who like to golf on that 18-hole course won't notice much difference, since the place will still be open to the public.

Assuming that the developer keeps a 9-hole golf course there on the north side of Sauk Centre, that'll make two 18-hole courses and a 9-hole course in or near Sauk Centre. Folks who like to play golf may have trouble deciding where to go, but I don't think they'll mind having options.

I did a little checking, and all three golf courses have websites, or are supposed to. I'd provide a link to the GreyStone course, but when I tried using their Internet address, the website's software started doing very odd things to my browser. It's probably a technical problem, related to the place changing hands. Searching Google or another search site for GreyStone Golf Course should give you some information about that place.

Here's where to find the other two online:
Finally, my parish's chow mein fundraiser went well: and Fr. Statz said that, contrary to what someone heard someone else say, he's not retired, semi- or otherwise. Today was one of those beautiful October days that poets and writers get excited over, and I'll be back next week. That's the plan, anyway.

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