Friday, June 18, 2010

Minnesota Tornadoes Yesterday, Thursday, June 17

We didn't have much except wind, overcast, and some rain here in Sauk Centre. Other places didn't fare so well. From the news:

"Deadly Twisters in Minn."

CBS, YouTube (June 18, 2010)

"Two were killed and dozens were injured when a string of tornadoes struck Minnesota. Heather Brown reports."

The death toll is three - maybe more.

"Twisters kill three in Minnesota"
CNN (June 18, 2010)

"Deadly tornadoes touched down Thursday in Minnesota, killing at least three people, officials said.

"Minnesota suffered widespread damage and power outages, said Doug Neville, a spokesman for the state's public safety department. He said Gov. Tim Pawlenty was on his way to survey the damage in affected areas.

"The twisters hit the town of Wadena hard, ripping off roofs and damaging schools and stores. Neville said 14 people had been taken to hospitals, 13 of them in critical condition...."

"3 killed, dozens injured in Minn. tornadoes"
The Associated Press (June 18, 2010)

"Police and National Guard soldiers blocked off neighborhoods Friday as city officials organized a cleanup from tornadoes that ripped through the city the night before, part of a turbulent system that fueled twisters across the state and killed at least three people.

"Dozens more were injured in Thursday's heavy weather. The National Weather Service collected 36 reports of tornado sightings, with northwestern and southern Minnesota hit hardest. If the sightings are all confirmed, it would exceed the previous state record of 27 in one day, in 1992.

"In northwestern Minnesota, a woman was killed in Almora and a gas station owner was killed in Mentor. In southern Minnesota, one person was killed at a farm west of Albert Lea...."

Names, places and details don't necessarily fit, from one news account to another: which is fairly normal in situations like this. What is fairly certain is that parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin had really bad weather, several people died, and more were hurt.


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