Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010. Let's see: Monday was Flag Day, and a dim, overcast day. Back in April, I mentioned that a group was going to hang flowers downtown: City funds would pay for the flowers, they'd do the work. I'd figured that my household's share of the cost came to around $1.65. Seeing the results, I think it was well worth it. Actually, you can't see the flowers too well in that photo. I'll try for something better, Sunday.

Friedrichs Oil and Tire, a flag and a flower basket. I took that photo in late morning: and yes, that car's lights are on. June 14, 2010.

I read in this week's Sauk Herald that there's been a transition at the Sinclair station. Bill Friedrichs and Shawn Olson bought the business from their fathers last year. A few facts and dates from that article: Bill Friedrichs is the third generation of Friedrichs to own the place. Bill's father Jim became the owner in 1979, "taking over for his father, Peanuts, and Bob Friedrichs." Olson became a business partner in 1981. Friedrichs has been a Sinclair station for about 40 years now.

Two generations in the same family is something for a business: Three? That's impressive.

The lot on South Main ("The Original Main Street") that's more-or-less across from the Hillcrest Motel is for sale: as a commercial lot. Even from a strictly utilitarian point of view, I can see why whoever's doing the selling had the placed seeded with grass. My guess is that it's less expensive than paving: makes the lot look more attractive, keeps dust from causing a nuisance, and is easier for the buyer to build on.

We'll see what goes in there.

So that's it: the land's being sold as a commercial lot.. June 14, 2010.

Monday and Tuesday were not sunny days. They were overcast, dark, and distinctly not the sort of thing that photographs well.

Until late Tuesday. Earlier in the day, it'd been raining so hard that the raindrops seemed to be bouncing on the pavement. I'm pretty sure it wasn't hail: just really, really hard rain.

Then, the sky cleared. Not overhead, but off to the west, where the sun was getting ready to set.

Sunshine and rain. June 15, 2010.

I see there's a good chance of rain tomorrow, too. Maybe after that, I'll have a chance at a 'sunshine' shot of those flowers, downtown.

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