Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Lille Julaften

Wednesday, December 23, 2009. For me, this is Lille Julaften, or Little Christmas Eve, when the final touches were put on the Christmas tree. I'm half Norwegian, and it took a little getting used to, having Christmas decorations up so early. I like the way we do things now, too: so I've got good memories, and a good present.

This was around 3:00 this afternoon: and dark enough for headlights. December 23, 2009.

There's a winter storm coming: It's in southern Minnesota as I write this. Happily, there wouldn't be any school for the rest of the week, anyway. I posted a map of the area under weather watches, and some comments, on the Sauk Centre Journal Blog: a sort of companion to the S. C. Journal. I plan to have streaming video from my webcam, showing the corner of south Ash and 9th, through the storm. Apart from the occasional interruption for maintenance.

It's sure going to be quiet just after 3:00, for the next week. December 23, 2009.

Okay: I've plugged some of my other efforts, now back to Sauk Centre and the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, everybody, from my house to yours. December 23, 2009.

Or, for for this household and much of Sauk Centre, Christmas season. I see that I have a few hours left before Christmas Eve - and good grief! I've still got stuff to wrap!

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