Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santas, Snow, and a Band Concert

Wednesday, December 9, 2009. Christmas is coming. No question about it. We even have snow on the ground. Not much, but at least the grass is (almost) covered now. I've heard that the bulk of the heavy snow went well to the south and east of us.

Santa Express, now boarding in Sauk Centre. December 7, 2009.

More households have their Christmas displays up: ranging from rotating inflatable snowmen and mini-merry-go-rounds, to a few lights or a simple crèche.

A traditional Santa. Judging from those bench colors, under the window, the homeowner likes John Deere products. December 7, 2009.

One of Sauk Centre's more enthusiastic displays. December 7, 2009.

A garland, a few candy canes, and a crèche. Nice. December 7, 2009.

It looks like folks have prepared for winter: including, sometimes, laying in a supply of firewood. You can't see it too well, in the picture below, but there's quite a few cubic yards of wood piled behind and to the side of that gray shed.

One thing I like about this town is that it's still relaxed enough to let people have pickups parked in their yards, or store firewood behind a shed. Neighborhood associations and regulations banning pink flamingos or garden gnomes never made much sense to me.

This was before Tuesday's and today's snow. December 7, 2009.

Hats off to everyone who keeps things running: particularly in winter. December 7, 2009.

One more thing. The school bands put on a concert this Monday: the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade bands, Junior High Jazz Band, Senior High Jazz Band and Senior High Band. There's more than a bit of overlap between some of those: some students had a lot of rehearsals.

At the back of the house: the camera crew. December 8, 2009.

That's my son, and the whole 7th grade band. December 8, 2009.

You weren't seeing things. Those really are corkscrew Santa hats. December 8, 2009.

I've got some pretty good photos of Christmas lights, but there's something to be said for knowing when to stop.


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