Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowmobiles, Advent, and Tweeties

Sunday, December 20, 2009. We've had enough snow to make it look like winter, but not enough to be problem.

Snowmobile tracks on Sauk Lake: Don't know how thick the ice is, but it's held up so far. December 17, 2009.

I swung around one of my favorite Christmas displays this week. There's a household that seems to go with the 'you can't have too many glowing figures by your house' philosophy.

"North Pole" sign, candy cane, Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves - or maybe gnomes - lots of snowmen, Tweeties, Pooh, a Christmas choir, and more around the corner. December 17, 2009.

The place is - memorable - at night:

Snowmen and Tweety Birds, Sauk Centre, Christmas 2005
Hark the Herald Tweeties Sing?! Christmas, 2005

Our Lady of Angles church has a more traditional display outside.

Last night's snow: natural flocking for the wreaths. December 20, 2009.

Another candle lit on the Advent wreath. And, I see that Christmas is here on Friday.

No, his hand is not over the candle. December 20, 2009.

This family's gotten most of the major get-togethering done already. #1 daughter is here for the break-without-a-name, and isn't going anywhere soon - except maybe a quick trip back to Alexandria, to pick up her laptop.

The rest of this family went down to the metro yesterday, for the extended-family get-together. I had to miss it, for roughly the same reason I didn't grill burgers this weekend. Well, as we say here in Minnesota, "it could be worse."

Odds are pretty good that, if you're not traveling yourself, your house is crammed with kinfolk or will be soon. If around my age or older, you may remember the days before Yogi Yorgesson's "I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas" was banned on the radio. I trust your family isn't as nuts as Yogi's.

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