Monday, September 28, 2009

Baseball Diamond, Autumnal Colors, and a Death in the Family

I was on the north side of Sauk Centre this morning, getting a headlight and brake light replaced on the family van. It looks like there's been some construction at the baseball diamond up there - or else I've forgotten what it looked like, which isn't all that unlikely right now.

I hope to get up there with a camera - another example of absent-mindedness. I almost never go out a camera, just in case I see something interesting.

I trust that I'll be back to my usual standards of inefficiency, after the scramble of activity in my household dies down. We're still dealing with my father's death, last Friday: nothing out of the ordinary, but I find it's quite distracting.

Oh, well: It could be worse.

Meanwhile, a note to myself: There's a multi-tone tree, up near the water tower. This season's autumnal colors probably won't set any records, but some trees are putting on quite presentable displays.

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