Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rapist Pleads Guilty, Swine Flu's in Town: Not Exactly Mayberry, RFD, But I Love it Here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009. The headlines at the top of this week's Sauk Centre Herald are "Trail rapist pleads guilty" and "H1N1 is here / What to do to protect yourself" - and after that, a feature about Kevin Kerffeld's dealing with lung cancer.

The sky was as somber as the lead stories yesterday.

Ever have days like this? September 22, 2009.

Some trees were turning: but what I mostly noticed was the unsunny sky. September 22, 2009.

The "Trail rapist" pled guilty, with no plea bargaining. Turns out he's probably in the country illegally, and came here from Guatemala. Given the minimum sentence, 144 months (12 years), he probably won't be back in circulation for a while. Which is a bit of a relief.

Our Lady of the Angels' priest, Fr. James Statz, was the first person the victim met after the attack: my family is in that parish, which brings this incident a bit closer to home.

The paper gives some good, common-sense advice about not getting H1N1/Swine flu this year: Basically, wash you hands, don't get sneezed on, and don't sneeze on others.

I walked down to Coborn's this afternoon to get my annual flu shot. Which doesn't cover H1N1. Well, can't have everything. I'll just have to be a bit more careful than usual. (I've been keeping track of H1N1/Swine flu in one of my blogs, and collected a fair amount of information about the bug, and what's being done about it.)

Flu shots inside: I got the point. September 23, 2009.

There's something new inside Coborn's: a hand/handle sanitizer pole. The idea is to take one of the wipes, wipe it across the handle of the cart you take, and do your hands while you're at it.

By far not the worst idea I've run into.

Swab the handle and your hands? Yeah, it takes a few seconds: but I think it makes sense. So, apparently, did the folks who'd used the pole just before I took this photo. September 23, 2009.

The sky's cleared up today, I'm hoping to attract chickadees - plus a whole lot of sparrows - at the birdfeeder this winter.

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